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Selvvir is an IRC bot for the #css channel on freenode. It replaces the previous bot, rivvles, created by Colin Aarts (aka riven or lilmonkey on freenode) which the author still provides but chose to remove from #css.

Originally, Selvvir started as an attempt to reverse engineer rivvles (for no real reason). Shortly after its inception, the source code powering rivvles was made available on github as irc-js-bot. rivvles is presumably a custom configured irc-js-bot.

Selvvir is not exactly the cleanest code, and as such is closed-source. If you want Selvvir-like functionality, see the irc-js-bot project github repository and run that instead. irc-js-bot does not offer the functionality of Selvvir, but it is not hard to add.

Why neon green? rivvles' favorite color was hotpink. Ask Selvvir about `hotpink.


Commands are prefixed with the ` (backtick) character to indicate to Selvvir it is being addressed: `somefactoid

Anything not recognized as an explicit command is assumed to be a factoid. Factoids can have spaces.

The @ character can be used to address a command's response or factoid output to another user: `caniuse flex @ username

However, all errors are reported back as notices to the original requestor and not the addressed user. Commands with longer output also send it as a notice, so as not to spam the channel.

Some commands have flags to modify their response. Those can be placed after the command name: `canuse/p flex

Not all commands offer flags, and more than one flag can be used together in any order: `caniuse/np flex

Flags a command does not recognize will be ignored.

In addition to the flags below, each command has a flag causing it to list out information about it and its flags instead of returning its normal response. This page is built with the same information listed there.`caniuse/?

set <name> = <content>

Add or update a factoid

(Admin only)


r regexp: enables regexp mode; <content> must be a sed-style (s///) substitution literal, conforming to Java regular expression syntax
a alias: alias mode; create an alias to an existing factoid: <content> becomes a factoid name instead
! force: this flag must be set to overwrite an existing factoid; otherwise a warning will be issued


del <factoid-name>

Delete a factoid

(Admin only)


! force: enables deletion of factoids that have aliases leading to it; will also delete all aliases


Display a list of special commands I support


v verbose: also lists the description for each command

info <factoid-name>

Display information about a factoid

Search the factoids store


o original: only search 'original' factoids; that is, factoids that are not aliases
a aliases: only search factoid aliases
n names: only search factoid names
c content: only search factoid content


v [<url>]

Check a resource with the W3C markup and CSS validators.



Display a list of my admins.

short <url>

Turn a (long) URL into a short one using « »

caniuse <text>

Search's browser feature support data.


e exact: only returns the feature whose name exactly matches the given text
d desktop: only returns desktop browser results
m mobile: only return mobile browser results
n near: include near-future release versions
a partials: count partial support as yes
p prefixed: count prefixed support as no